The Wanderlust Irony

Wanderlust… I find myself overcome by it, a continuous tug at my heart to pack up and head for the horizon to seek the peaks of fellowship in transit and the lows of solitude in the uncertain, how I wish it were that easy, to fill a daypack with bare essentials ridding myself of the tethers that hold back and weigh down. I want to walk the wilderness breaking bread with mother nature as I eat of her bounty and drink of her beauty, float between villages and taste wild berries, bread made by knowing aged hands the old way but alas things like Family, Finances, Infrastructure incarcerate my dreams banishing them to remain just that…dreams.

I all of a sudden find myself awake to feelings long suppressed,  an always persisting but now budding affinity for a vagabond existence… oh to be a rolling stone. I believe I have always wanted to see new lands, have new experiences, conquer new frontiers albeit at the cost of some comfort or a lot of comfort. I want to lay by the fire under a blanket of stars and breath in smog-less air but most of all I would love to do it on African soil. To tour on foot…better yet by bike Ghana, Benin, Cameron, Nigeria oh Naija to savor you slowly seeing you.


I am not ignorant to the fact that many a man share these feelings, the strong pull to the wild hence its adoption into various tools for liberation from mental, social and physical issues, numerous books tout the healing powers of reconnecting with nature, getting away and being by ones self.

The point of the preceding dissertation is to invite you to contemplate with me the Irony our quest for wilderness and solitude especially when juxtaposed with the fervent effort most of those who live in these “paradises” pursue urbanization . People in 3rd world countries long to come to the west for the modern amenities ,the skyscrapers, to be able to send back pictures of them posing under the statue of liberty or the McDonald golden arches or Welcom to — state signs. while westerner paine for less connectivity and head to the thirdworld for an “exotic experience, amassing pictures of them smiling gleefully next to indigenous people and bright eyed African kids clinging to their legs.


Looking out into Bwari, Abuja Nigeria

Looking out into Bwari, Abuja Nigeria, what do you see?

As much as we want to believe “To each their own” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I have to believe there is a better way to ascertain if we are where we are supposed to be. Somedays I am drawn to the possibilities and shinning lights of the city and other times the quaint hum of the country soothes and keeps me, the question is Am I where God wants me to be? or since God is Omniscient: Is wherever you find yourself where he wants you to be because he allowed you to get there?  I struggle with both questions but I anchor myself in Romans 8:28…

What Say you?