My name is Mandela after the iconic Nelson Mandela. My playground is the Appalachian mountains of Western Maryland.

First Date with God.

Born to a saved christain mother, I am proficient in the things of God. I went to sunday school, service and bible study weekly. I knew of God but did not really have a personal relationship with him. 4 years ago I was prompted in my spirit to attend a bible study meeting went home that night knelt down next to my bed and asked Jesus to come into my life. Life as I knew it has never been the same .

First Date with Nature.

Moved to Western Maryland for work and hated the sleepy industrial on booming town nested in the Appalachian mountains. One fall day driving east over sidling hill I looked over the valley and had an internal awakening of a thirst to drink of the beauty that nature in this area afforded. I got into mountain biking, hooked up with the local biking club Western Maryland Wheelmen and now am an avid cyclist.


The two primary things I love save for family and such of course is God and riding my bike. I am not very great at either but I look forward to geting better at both, using my saddle as an alter to point to God and let him draw men to him. Hope you enjoy.

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